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在外贸中 in the terms of 和on receipt ofin the terms of 就而论;在方面 on receipt of 1. 收到时 On receipt of your instructions he will send th

in terms of和in the terms of回答:A. in terms of in the terms of是指在一个固定的条款里的项目,比如说 in the Terms of Service所以这里选A

【在外贸中inthetermsof和onreceiptof是马上意思啊in the terms of 就而论;在方面on receipt of1.收到时On receipt of your

The terms of the constract were( )unacceptable. A.fu回答:习惯用语, simply unacceptable和totally unacceptable在语法上都没问题。 totally unacceptable强调“恶心的东西”,“完全无法接受的


I accept the terms of the agreement 什么意思?回答:是terms of the agreement, 不是terms in the agreement.合同文本中,少用“的”字好些,免得给人留下不严谨的印象。 所以

in the terms of learning resources.in the terms of learning resources. 哪个地方谓语缺失啊 哪个地方谓语缺失啊 展开 我来答 分享 新浪微博 QQ空间 举报

in term of和in terms of 区别3.They have found that, in terms of both salary and career success, the sky is the limit.他

in the opinion of和in terms of区别应该是 in terms of (在方面)in terms of ability 在能力方面 in the opinion 的正确用法是 in the opinion of

twenty-sevenactsofParliamentgovernthetermsof句型分析apart from the fact (that twenty-seven acts of Parliament govern the terms of


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