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Sato Miyoko, a Japanese schoolgirl, decided to buy【分析】1、因她是在线购物,所以她要在互联网上搜索相关信息。search…(for sth./sb.)意为“在某处搜寻(某物/人)”,这里用了

ItwasSundayyesterday.JackreadaboutaJapanesegirl【分析】1. 由短文第一句It was Sunday yesterday. 可知,昨天周日,那么今天是周一。\n2. 由短文第二句a Japanese girl,

Japanese couples,too busy for a normal social life【小题1】A【小题2】C【小题3】C【小题4】D 解析分 析:本文讲述的是现在的日本人要

Japanese children are so happy because they haveJapanese children are so happy because they have three festivals each year.Besides Boy's Day,they also have Girl's Day and the 7-

Free Fun GuidesFree Admission to Hundreds of24.A 细节理解题.根据Unlike previous Museum Day celebrations,you must sign up for a free ticket that admits two people to

video was uploaded to Facebook by the pair33.C.细节理解题.根据文章第四段"Laura says to her granddaughter,who is filming the&



so quickly!We become mature(成熟的) girls orBDACB  ADABC41.B考查疑问词的辨析.根据题干可知这是一个宾语从句,结合句意:我们已经是成熟的男孩或女孩了,至少已经成为了

boys like spending time on things like video32.B 细节理解题.由第一段中的but Ken,a 9-year-old boy from the Philippines,is spending his free time trying to start


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